Best Craftsman Ratchet Wrench set

Craftsman Ratchet Wrench

Best Craftsman Ratchet Wrench set 2019

Wrenches often known as spanners are the imperative tools for our home and they are mainly used for several domestic activities. We need to hold the long handle of the wrench tightly in order to produce the strong mechanical force (torque) which can help to turn the object (especially nuts and bolts) easily. That’s why wrenches have successfully inscribed its place in the cabinets of every home.

Craftsman Ratchet Wrench
Craftsman Ratchet Wrench

Craftsman is one of the premium company in the USA who is a pioneer in this field. From their beginning (established in 1927) until today, they are the owners of more than 6000 products. Wrench sets that are manufactured by Craftsman are so efficient and handy that it can be managed by either novice or erudite persons. Before they launch their products on the market, they do some rigorous product testing and quality checking. They provide warranty so that customers can never divert their interest to other companies. All Craftsman products are highly applauded by their users and hence Craftsman has been able to gain the attention of the customers and has also earned their trust. Listed below are the best Craftsman ratchet wrench sets that have been able to win the hearts of the customers.

Craftsman Ratchet Wrench Set Compare Chart

5 Best Craftsman Ratchet Wrench Sets

1. Craftsman 20-piece Ratcheting wrench set, Inch/metric: Ideal for domestic purpose

This is one of the best Craftsman ratchet wrench set. Let’s take a glance at its features.

  • Size: This 20-piece inch and metric combination wrench set usually comes in different sizes
  • 10-inch sizes: 1/4, 5/16, 11/32, 3/8, 7/16, 1/2, 9/16, 5/8, 11/16 and 3/4″
  • 10 Metric Sizes: 6, 8, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18 MM
  • Ease of Use and Durability – This set is very robust & strongly built and the handles provide just the ideal grip to create the perfect torque.
  • Material– High-quality alloy steel
  • Case– This Craftsman ratchet wrench set does not come in a case.


  • Easy for Home Use – For its solid performance and grip, this set is ideal for domestic use purpose. Its ratcheting box end helps us to work quickly. Moreover, its rugged open end delivers torque and grab the bolts fast so that we can rapidly remove them.
  • Durable – Being made of strong alloy steel, this set is very robust and hence chances of breaking are very less.
  • Affordable – The price ($ 71.80) is on the lower side as compared to the other brands and thus it is very affordable.


  • No Case – No case or box is included with this model
  • Not for Professional Use – Though most Craftsman ratchet wrench set is of professional quality, this one is better for home use only.


So, if you need wrench sets for domestic purpose, then this will the best option for you within a moderate price range.


2. Craftsman 8 pc Standard Combination Ratcheting Wrench Set: A versatile tool

 This is another premium Craftsman ratchet wrench set product which is embraced with a lifetime warranty from its manufacturer.

  • Size: This highly applauded Craftsman ratchet wrench set comes in 8 attractive sizes- 5/16″, 3/8″, 7/16″, 1/2″, 9/16″, 5/8″, 11/16″, and 3/4″.
  • Ease of Use and Durability – This set is strongly built and the handles provide just the ideal grip to create the perfect torque.
  • Material – Alloy Steel.
  • Case – This Craftsman ratchet wrench set does not come in a case.


  • Useful – It is very convenient and handy to use whether in the shop, at home or on the job site.
  • Durable – It is very strong and can resist any kind of pressure or force
  • Affordable – This model does not ruin our pocket & the total cost for this set is $ 56.75. Several online discounts are also available which make it even more affordable


  • No case- This model does not come in a case.
  • Made in China- This model is manufactured in China and this “made in China” tag may tarnish its brand value

Conclusion– Featuring the fast grabbing action of a patented ratcheting open end and the sure hold of a steady box, this set twists nuts and bolts fast. Hence this set can equally be used at home or job sites. As backed by the assurance of the Craftsman Forever Guarantee, it won’t be a wise decision for us if we don’t keep this tool in our cabinet. If you are after a craftsman 3 8 in ratchet wrench, search no more.


3. Craftsman 4-piece Metric Open End ratcheting wrench set: Another Great Set of Wrench by Craftsman

This is another high-demand product, manufactured by Craftsman which has then open end ratcheting tooth design. This wrench set makes the user’s job more facile and convenient. Similar to the craftsman 1 4 in min ratchet wrench.

  • Size: This set sizes include 8 x 10 mm, 13 x 14 mm, 15 x 16mm and 17 x 19mm
  • Ease of Use and durability- Since the set is made of alloyed steel so the entire set is very strong and cannot brittle easily.
  • Material- Alloy steel
  • Case- This model does not come in a case.


  • Useful – It is very convenient and handy to use. It can easily fit into any tight spots with its open end and hence makes users job much easier.
  • Durable – It is very strong and can resist any kind of pressure or force
  • Affordable – This model does not ruin our pocket. It comes under 50 dollars.
  • Quality- The quality of the set is simply brilliant and it is highly recommended by its users.


  • No case- This model does not come in a case.
  • More competitive products- Though the price of the set is not so high but still, it has faced huge competition from its competitive brands.

Conclusion– Overall, it is a pretty good purchase at this price. This set comes with the Craftsman’s famous lifetime warranty. These Craftsman ratchet wrench sets also work great on throttle control cable adjustments on 4-wheelers and buggies.


4. Craftsman 5- piece. Wrench Set, Offset Ratchet SAE – Premium quality and robust build.

This is another magic from Craftsman and this set promises a high level of versatility and it always keeps its promises. If you are after a craftsman 5 pc ratchet wrench set, this is it.

  • Size: This set comes in the most popular sizes, from a quarter to 7/8 inches. Sizes are- 1/4, 5/16, 3/8, 7/16, 1/2, 9/16, 5/8, 3/4, 11/16 and 7/8 in.
  • Ease of Use and durability- It is portable and very strong and sturdy. This Craftsman ratchet wrench set is made for precision and makes users’ job over-simplified.
  • Material- Premium quality steel
  • Case- No case is included in this model


  • Can use in many purposes – This is highly suitable for any kind work from a tiny home job to a professional work
  • Outstanding Design – The finish of this Craftsman wrench set is without any flaws or imperfections. With 10 of the most versatile openings set at a 25-degree angle, this articulately design sets can be used for any purpose of job and it also provides sufficient torque which is required to unfasten any stubborn nuts and bolts
  • Durable – There is no doubt about its durability as it is one of the best by Craftsman.


  • Price- The price ($69.00) of this product is a little bit of high as compared to other brands


This model is also backed by the Craftsman Forever Guarantee and its quality is also premium. That’s why this set remains the undisputed leader for quite a long time and can effectively be used for all purposes


5. Craftsman 2pc 4-IN-1 SAE STANDARD Universal Reversible Ratcheting Box End Wrench Set – The new player

The latest addition from Craftsman, this model is already grabbed the attention of the users.

  • Size: This set works with the following types and sizes of fasteners: 12 point – 5/15\”, 3/8\”, 7/16\”, 1/2\”, 9/16\”, 5/8\”, 11/16\”, 3/4\” Hex (6 point) – 5/15\”, 3/8\”, 7/16\”, 1/2\”, 9/16\”, 5/8\”, 11/16\”, 3/4\” Partially Rounded Hex – 5/15\”, 3/8\”, 7/16\”, 1/2\”, 9/16\”, 5/8\”, 11/16\”, 3/4\” Square (4 point) – 1/4\”, 5/16\”, 3/8\”, 7/16\”, 1/2\”, 9/16\”, 5/8\” External-TORX – E10, E12, E14, E16, E18, E20, E22, E24 Spline – #10, #12, #16, #16, #18. #20, #22, #24
  • Ease of Use and durability- This set can be portable easily and very resilient. This set is also protected by corrosion resistant black oxide which enhances its longevity.
  • Material- alloyed steel
  • Case- This model comes in a case or box


  • Multifunctional use- This model delivers some powerful performances and can resolve many problems.
  • Durability- This is a very long-lasting set and remains unaffected by any outside corrosion.
  • Lucrative designs- For single-handed use, each wrench features a thumb activated the directional switch and ergonomic design that always ensures a solid hold.


  • There are not very much cons of this model as such, the only concerned point is its price. The price ($89.99) of this model is quite steep.


Without wasting any time, you should grab this craftsman 1 4 in mini ratchet wrench if you are planning to do any household mechanical job.

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